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High Quality Soybean Oil Production line

Place of Origin Shandong,China (Mainland)
Brand Name Soybean Oil Plant
Certification CE&ISO9001
Min.Order Quantity 1 Plant/Plants
Price US $300,000 - 350,000/ Plant
Payment Terms paypal,UnionPay, Visa/MasterCard, Amex, Discover,T/T
Supply Ability 10 Plant/Plants per Quarter

Product Features

High Quality Soybean Oil Production line flowchart:
Oilseeds → cleaning → softening → flaking → extrusion → drying → to extraction workshop→DTDC →first and second evaporation →stripping tower →condenser →solvent

High Quality Soybean Oil Production line brief introduction:
a. cleaning device for soybean Oil Plant:remove the raw material soybean in various impurities, such as: iron,
stones, clump, such as the plant leaf, clean up till impurity content does not exceed 0.2%.
b.crushing machine for Soybean Oil Plant: soybean is crushed into 6-8 pieces. In order to meet the requirements
of crushing, the soybean is suitable for crushing with the moisture of 7% to 12%.
c. Softening process for Soybean Oil Plant:the purpose of softening is to adjust the moisture and temperature of oil, and make it soft.
d.flaking process for Soybean Oil Plant: rolling raw material into flakes, and the purpose is to increae surface
area, destroy the soybean cell tissue, shorten the way of oil out from cake.
e:Extrusion for Soybean Oil Plant:through high temperature and high pressure, soybean flakes are transfered into expanded pellet, which is easy to extract oil from, and keep high nutritive value.
High Quality Soybean Oil Production line Extraction process:
1. Solvent pumps for High Quality Soybean Oil Production line: continuously spray solvent to the rotary-type extractor
2. Roary extractor: Spray and soak the pre-pressed cake with solvent so that oil fats can be diss-olved in solvent(form miscella). After processing, you can get wet meal and miscella (mixed oil).
3. DTDC for High Quality Soybean Oil Production line: usd to separate the solvent from the wet meal.
4. Miscella tank 1st evaporation for High Quality Soybean Oil Production line: pump the miscella (oil with solvent) in to the miscella 1st , then add
saline water to it. The phospholipid in the miscella will react with the saline water, at last the reactant
precipitate, reaching the goal of purifying.
5. Miscella tank 2nd evaporation for High Quality Soybean Oil Production line: the purified miscella will be pumped into it, and use high temperature steam to let solvent evaporate out.
6. Miscella stripping for High Quality Soybean Oil Production line: it will remove the remaining solvent in miscella. And the solvent will be discharged to condenser for recycling.
7. Condensers for High Quality Soybean Oil Production line: to cooling the solvent gas separated from the wet meal and miscella for recycling.

LD Good Service and High Quality Soybean Oil Production line

LD dedicates to innovation and promption in oil technology & equipment for a long-term, business accumulation for many years creates the quiet and wide production environment, which offers the most favorable conditions for the equipment manufacture.

Our Market

with excellent quality, our products have been accepted by the international friends, and exported to Indonesia, kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Bolivia, Sudan, Malaysia, myanmar, Bangladesh, Russia and other countries, besides the commercial cooperation, we also have the technology communication with our customers, which makes our products not only meet the customers' requirements but also step into the international standard.

Soybean Oil Production line

The whole soya bean oil press machine contains three workshops: soy pretreatment workshop soy oil extraction workshop and soy oil refining workshop.

1. Craft flow for soy oil pretreatment workshop

Cleaning :There are some ways to get rid of the impurities, so according to the materials' quality to choose the cleaning way, the common cleaning ways have vibrating screen, sieve etc

Softening: this part is mainly to adjust the temperature and mositure, the equipment is softening pot

Puffing: there are some materials that apply to puffing, such as rice bran, soy etc. through the puffing, we can get higher oil yield, so that you can get more profits.

2.Craft flow for soy oil extraction workshop

Extractor: our company is specilized in making oil machines, as for the extractor, we have there different design: rotocel extractor, loop extractor, chain extractor. we can design for you according to your specification.

Evaproation and steam-stripping: our company adopt negative pressure evaporation ,which can ensure excellent oil quality

DTDC Desolventizer-toaster: we adopt the newest technology to make full use of the meal to produce the animals' meal. full energy-saving design utilizes heat energy for many times and saves steam consumption.

3. Craft flow for soy oil refining workshop

1,continuous alkali refining shortens contact time between oil and lye, which reduces oil saponification state, lowers refining consumption, and improves efficiency.

2, Decolorization craft adopts technology of combing premixing and steam bleaching, which improves bleaching efficiency, saves consumption of bleaching clay, and it is simple and convenient to operate; besides, negative pressure state avoids oxygen in the air from contacting with hot oil, thereby ensuring oil product quality, inhibiting acid value to rise again, and lowering peroxide value.

3, Physical refining section adopts new type continuous deacidification and deodorization craft, which is applicable for vegetable oil of high acid value and low resin content, the actual production proves its most obvious advantages as following: strong deacidification ability, excellent hot bleaching effect, high refining rate, good oil quality etc.

4, the process has multiple heat exchange, which makes full utilization of heat energy, effectively reduces steam consumption, and also has the advantage of adjustable production process, flexible operation, high automatic degree, environment sanitation and so on.

part of our layer-type steam cooker

Projects Achievements




30T/D rice bran expanding and extraction ,

5T/D rice bran oil refining project


100T/D palm fruit oil refinery project


The whole production line for

30T/D peanuts oil expeller press


60T/D soybean oil refinery project


30T/D copra oil extraction , and 20T/D copra oil refinery


10TPD rapeseed oil production line


50TPD palm oil refining production line

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