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Dinter soya oil extraction plant

Place of Origin Shandong,China (Mainland)
Brand Name Flax Seed Oil Plant
Certification ISO9001
Min.Order Quantity 1 Set/Sets
Price US $450,000 - 700,000/ Set
Payment Terms paypal,UnionPay, Visa/MasterCard, Amex, Discover,T/T
Supply Ability 10 Set/Sets per Month

Product Features

1-10 tons per day Flax Seed Oil Plant is for intermittent oil production. Dinter soya oil extraction plant adopts many advantages that large and medium-sized refinery have but takes up less spaces. Dinter soya oil extraction plant is an integrated complete system that includes heating system and electric control system. Besides,Dinter soya oil extraction plant is easy to install, operate and maintain, which makes it the best choice for mini refinery.
Shandong Leader Machinery Co.,Ltd. supply diFlax Seed Oil Planterent capacities for diFlax Seed Oil Planterent Flax Seed Oil Plant. Our main mini Dinter soya oil extraction plant. It's designed to process a very wide range of vegetable oils, including cottonseed oil, rice bran oil, sunflower seed oil, soya oil, palm oil, palm kernel oil. In addition to vegetable oil, Dinter soya oil extraction plant is also eFlax Seed Oil Planticient for animal oils and fats, such as fish oil, seal oil and more.

Dinter soya oil extraction plant

product description

soya oil extraction plant flow chart

Solvent-- Extractor--Mixed oil -- 1st and 2nd evaporation -- Stripping tower -- Crude oil

Wet meal -- DTDC toaster -- Meal

soya oil extraction plant Technological process

Cake leaching, miscella negative pressure evaporation, stripping, wet meal desolventizing, solvent vapor condensation, solvent recovery from vent gas and other processes.

main parameters

Main Economic and technical parameters of Soybean Oil Extruder Machine

Item Standard

Steam consumption

≤ 280kg/t

Power consumption

Installed capacity 320KW

Solvent consumption

≤ 4kg/t (No.6 solvent)

Residual oil in meal

≤ 1.0%

Moisture in meal

12~13% (adjustable)

Solvent in meal

≤ 500ppm

Urase activity


Total volatile matter

≤ 0.3%

Residual solvent

≤ 300ppm

Mechanical impurities

≤ 0.2%

Detailed Images

1. soya oil extraction plant Rotary extractor: Spray and soak the pre - pressedcake with solvent so that oil fats can be dissolved in solvent (form miscella). After processing, you can get wet meal and miscella (mixed oil).

2. soya oil extraction plant DTDC toaster:Used to separate the solvent from the wet meal.

3. soya oil extraction plant Evaporation process: Pump the miscella ( oil with solvent) into the 1st and 2nd long-tube evaporator , then add 10% saline water to it. The phospholipid and impurities in the miscella will react with the saline water, at last the reactant precipitate, reaching the goal of purifying.

4. soya oil extraction plant Miscella

filter It will remove the remaining solvent in miscella. And the solvent will be discharged to condenser for recycling.


1.Absorbing the world’s leading core extraction technology, design and develop a process which is efficient, economical and reliable.

2.Full automatic computer control system is adopted in extracting process, adjust automatically and operate stably.

3.Negative pressure technology is adopted in condensate system. Using the secondary steam which comes from the DTDC as the heat source of first evaporation, thus can maximum save the energy consumption.

4.stainless steel heat exchange tubles and multistage baffling make the condenser have a high heat transfer efficiency, also the water consumption is low.

Packaging & Shipping

soya oil extraction plant can be packed in wooden case, several 40ft containers.

our services

soya oil extraction plant Services:

1. Turnkey Project Accepted;

2.Installation and Commissioning Guidance Supply;

3. 1 Year gurantee, long term technical support;

4.Training your local staff;

5.MSK long term cooperation shipping line;


soya oil extraction plant Answer:


High quality with most reasonable price supply, more purchase orders, more favorable price!

2.. Quality Inspection:

Raw Material:Steel is purchased from Anyang Steel Factory(Famous brand);

Infrastrure: Rolling Machine, Cutting Machine, CNC, Auto welder, X-ray test, etc. When you come to visit factory, we can show you how 10TPD Soybean Oil Refining Machine is produced.

3.Production Period:

10TPD Soybean Oil Refining Machine needs 45 working days;

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