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Cooking oil refining machine

Place of Origin Shandong,China (Mainland)
Brand Name Sunflower Seed Oil Plant Equipment
Certification ISO9001
Min.Order Quantity 1 Set/Sets Cooking oil refining equipment
Price US $300,000 - 1,000,000/ Set
Payment Terms paypal,UnionPay, Visa/MasterCard, Amex, Discover,T/T
Supply Ability 50 Set/Sets per Year Cooking oil refining equipment

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1. About Shandong Leader Machinery Co.,Ltd.
a. 20 years manufacturing, sales and installation experience on oil process project Cooking oil refining machine .
b. 38 technical engineers research on new efficient processing craft and instruct manufacturing and installation for Cooking oil refining machine .
c. 78 technicians-professional installation team-with rich and mature installation and training experience for Cooking oil refining machine .
d. CE and ISO9001 and SGS.

2. What's kind of Sunflower Seed Oil Plant Equipment Shandong Leader Machinery Co.,Ltd. can manufacture
Raw material and finished Oil products Storage equipments
Cooking Oil seeds pretreatment and press production line:5-4000T per 24 hrs
Solvent extraction production line:10-4000T per 24 hrs
Edible oil refinery production line:1-600T per 24 hrs
Oil fractionation engineering
Biodiesel production line: 1-600T per 24 hrs

Shandong Leader Machinery Co.,Ltd. can supply you full sets of Cooking oil refining machine cheap price with high-technology and efficiency.Shandong Leader Machinery Co.,Ltd. have rich experience in Cooking oil refining machine,Shandong Leader Machinery Co.,Ltd. have set up many Sunflower Seed Oil Plant Equipment and extraction machine plant in China and overseas.


Hot sale Cooking oil refinery equipment
2.Bleaching earth consumption:5~50Kg/T oil

Cooking oil refining machine

Oil and Salad oil the unit is suitable for refining various animal and plant oils. The gross oil processed to finished goods through alkali refining, degluing, oxygenation, decoloring and deodorization, the quality may reach class II of national standard(former high grade cooking oil). The equipment has many advantages such as lower investment, faster return, compact structure and good appearance.

Cooking oil refining equipment working process:

Cooking oil refining equipment price Features:

  • The main function of decoloring process is to remove oil pigment, residual soap grain and metal ions;
  • Under negative pressure, the mechanical mixing mthod combined with steam mixing will improve the decoloring effect;
  • The degummed oil firstly enters into the heater tobe heated to the appropriate temperature(110C), and then goes to the bleaching earth mixing tank;
  • The bleaching earth is delivered from the low bleaching box to the temporary tank by wind;
  • The bleaching earth is added by automatic metering and is interlockingly controlled with the oil.
  • The oil mixed with the bleaching earth overflows into the continuous decolorizer, which is stirred by non-powered steam;
  • The decolored oil enters the decolored oil storage tank through the security filter;
  • The decolored oil storage tank is designed as the vacuum tank with the nozzle inside, so as to prevent the decolored oil contacting with the air and influencing its peroxide value and color reversion.

Cooking oil refining equipment technical parameters:

Steam consumption 450kg/t oil
Electric consumption 28kwh/t oil
Phosphoric acid 2-3kg/t oil
Circulating water cooling water yield 150m3/h
Bleaching earth consumption 5-50kg/t oil
Waste bleaching earth oil content
Deodorization loss consumption

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