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Soybean Oil Production factory

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1.Soybean Oil Producton Machine
2.Low price with high quality
3.Low oil residual
4.Rotocel extraction

Soybean Oil Production Machine

Main process:

The process of soybean oil :soybean seed pretreatment,soybean cake solvent extraction and soybean crude oil refining.

1,Soybean pretreatment line main process

Soybean pretreatment means: passing a series of process,make the soybena reach the standards of leaching. At the same time improve the oil yield of soybeans and meal protein content as much as possible.


Cleaning Crushing

2,Soybean cake solvent extraction

We choose leaching method to extract soybean oil. The soybean extraction oil rate is 12-18%. All the seed oil extraction rate is not up 25%. We choose leaching method to extract low oil content oil seeds such as soya bean to increase oil extracting rate and decrease oil residual rate in final meal.

Adopting the extrusion machine can both improve the yield of soybean and reduce the consumption. The extrusion puffing, on one hand, can make solution lipase in the soybean passivated under high temperature and high pressure condition, then prevent the soybean oil rancidity; on the other hand, the extrusion puffing can make soybean be porous material grain, and increase the materials bulk density, then improve the permeability and leaching rate which solvent reacts to the material.

Extraction is a chemistry way to extract oil from soybean. It makes use of solvent extraction principles, which makes No. 6 solvent oil come into soybean cake. Then oils and fats is dissolved from mixed oil.

When we finished the soybean pretreatment, the moisture of soybean need to be 90%. So we must control the moisture before sending the soybean to extractor. The soybean is processed by oil fatty extracted-wet meal desolvation-mixed oil evaporation-stripping by steam-solvent recovery.

Rotocel extractor

Refining line of Soybean oil production machine

Crude oil is processed by press machine and leaching, not refined oil.

We wipe off the impurities from the crude oil is called refinery. The component of crude oil is made of fatty acids in triglycerides, phospholipid, free fatty acid, pigment, peroxide, waxiness, and other machanical impurities.

Process:Crude oil----Degumming----Decolorization----Deodorization----Deacidification----Dewaxing/Factionation


Degumming mainly remove phospholipid, the method is aqueous method and heating method, and add acid method.


The process is that we make use of sorbent, removing the pigment and other impurities, then filter the sorbent and impurities, we can get clear oil.

The request of sorbent

1.Name activated carclazyte

2.Temperature of adsorption 80-110 degree we control 80-85 degree

3.Speed of stir less than 80r/min

4.Time of decolorization 10-30min

Sorbent dosage carclazyte is 1%-3% of oil weight


Vacuum deodorization steam method

Mainly make use of big difference of smelly substance and volatility of triglyceride, at the high temperature and high vacuum, we make the smelly substance in the deodorizator with the vapor coming out from the deodorization container.

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